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Refactoring, Agile Change Management and the Importance of the "Big Green Button"

Speaker: Alun Butler, Vice President, Corporate and Banking Technology, Morgan Stanley

Organiser: Dr Simon Scola

This talk covers the following:

  • Defined
  • Why it is? (not a maintenance technique)
  • When to use it? (when you add functionality)
  • What to sniff for? (code smells – I hate that switch)
  • How to use it (some examples)?
  • Refactoring Problems (databases – again)
  • The relationship between refactoring and Agile Methodologies
Control Versioning
  • We took very rapid look at automated Control Versioning – another common XP practice. CVS is one of those rare problems with a technological solution
  • (or is it?)
  • Green buttons

Download Slides [PDF]


Pictures of the Event


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